How much potential is inside one Keurig Coffee Maker?

In May of 2015, it was estimated that a pod-based coffee maker could be found in nearly one in three American homes. As you probably know, these devices are hardly impervious to mechanical and/or electrical failure, which often results in the whole unit getting tossed… you know, because WOO! ‘MURICA!! So basically, we’ve created a situation where we have extremely prevalent hardware filled with a wide variety of easily repurposable components that get pitched far too early in their lifecycle. Another way of framing this up would be to consider a (however unlikely) scenario where we lose our ability to simply jump online, place an order, and have anything we want delivered to our door within two days, but instead have to rely on our resourcefulness and craftiness to meet our basic needs. In that scenario, I’d want to know how much potential was locked away in a device I could find in nearly one in three American homes. This is the goal of Jittery MacGyver.

via Jittery MacGyver