The resource for all things pop culture related with interviews, reviews, and professional commentary.


Geekhammer is a multi-platform resource for Pop Culture news, interviews, reviews and commentary. It was created by Prof. Aaron Crites and Mike Powell to build a Pop Culture resource in the Mid-Ohio Valley and beyond. The site focuses on all aspects of Pop Culture including comics, gaming in all forms, technology, cosplay, literature, movies, television, and music just to name a few.

Prof Crites is a professor of history including classes on Pop Culture. He is an author, comic book collector (especially Superman), and convention participant with over 30+ years experience. He has also become an on-air personality with his heavy metal shows on college radio at WPKM 96.3 FM.

Mike Powell is a network administrator with decades of experince in IT. He has collected comics for many years (particularly Fantastic Four) and continues to expand his areas of expertise with constant convention participation. Mike is an avid vintage video gamer with experience in all aspects of gaming both electronically and traditional. He also has great interest and experience in vintage and cutting-edge technologies.

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