For Nintendo, it has been a roller coaster of emotions — and sales numbers — over the past decade.

Nintendo’s demonstrating an ability to adapt — to listen to its fans and respond. It may sound small, but it’s a crucial change for a company notorious for being tight-lipped.

“Our goal is to delight our players,” Bowser said. “We want people to have access to our hardware, to our content, and have great experiences. So we actively read the market and try to understand what those trends are and make sure we’re adjusting accordingly.”

That philosophy is evident in the recent news that Nintendo is taking the NES Classic Edition console out of retirement after discontinuing it earlier this year. And it’s embodied by the Switch — a console whose existence is essentially a response to the failures of the Wii U.

Source: Nintendo learned from 2 Wii U mistakes to make the Switch a success – Business Insider