For parents who may face this problem with their burgeoning hormone-bomb adolescents, the Children of the Street Society website has resources, like a parent manual and tips for ensuring a teen’s long-term safety (including information on limiting the visibility of their locations).Cultivating digital relationships is tricky, whether you know the person offline or not, simply because text-based messaging creates fast illusions of intimacy and safety. As a reminder of this, “Uncertain Terms” is useful; there’s nothing like legal fine print to break a spell.As an unintended effect, we’re also reminded of the symbolic foreboding of a ToS document. In the “real” digital world, we’ve gotten used to accepting conditions without bothering to read them: We encounter so many, they’re ever-changing, and they take so long to read.

“Uncertain Terms,” an ad campaign created by Cossette Vancouver for the Children of the Street Society in Canada, features would-be sexters who are suddenly faced with the details of the devil’s bargain they’re tacitly agreeing to.

In one ad, the hypothetical ToS tells a user that she’s agreeing to “do as the recipient demands, including but not limited to sending more and more compromising photos.”

Source: If Sexting Came With Terms of Service, Would Teens Think Twice? – Adweek