liefeldRob Liefeld is always a controversial figure in the comic book realm. We here at Geekhammer are not interested in getting a creator into hot water, but there was some great news that came out of the exchange he had with some people on Facebook. Rob expressed interest in Russell Crowe reading for the part of Cable in the upcoming film and every comic news site grabbed onto that idea. The real story to us was who that he confirmed that would not be able to play the cyborg character.


Jeffery Dean Morgan was a fan choice for playing the cyborg, but as we have suspected he is tied up with filming the most recent episodes of The Walking Dead and will not be available for the role of Cable. I personally was pulling for Stephen Lang to play Cable (a role he was born to play), but Rob stated in his Facebook feed that Lang was tied up in his contract with the Avatar movies and was unavailable to play Cable. WHAT A BUMMER!!!


The one thing that fans can take to the bank is that Deadpool 2 will not disappoint and the appearance of the cyborg time traveler will set us on a whole new course of Marvel movies. Whether you love Rob Liefeld or hate him, you have to admit that he has created or co-created some great enduring characters if not some of the last great enduring characters in all of comics. For all you Cable fans, Pierce Brosnan is apparently still in the running and would Russell Crowe be that bad? The real question you have to ask is when are we going to see Shatterstar?