The world’s leading online hacktivist group, Anonymous is known for its million march protests, DDoS attacks and hackings in the online world. However, what is unknown is its DDoS attacks and hackings on the dark web domains. One such attack was launched today by an Anonymous-affiliated group, which took down nearly 10,000 onion websites which are accessible only through Tor browser.

Visitors to more than 10,000 Tor-based websites were met with an alarming announcement this morning: “Hello, Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked.”.The Anonymous announced the hack attack on Twitter and said that they took down these dark websites to protest against child porn and drug peddling. These 10,813 websites were still offline at the time of writing this article.

Source: Hacktivist group Anonymous takes down nearly 10,000 Tor websites on dark web » TechWorm