It’s a great time to be a giant monster movie fan in general; The Great Wall is just over a month away, with Kong: Skull Island following a month later. And let us not forget the Pacific Rim sequel also scheduled for 2018 – and that’s not to mention upcoming delights like Colossal (2016), Okja (2017) and the long-planned Gamera reboot at some point (hopefully soon).

However, on top of those big releases, we can also look forward to Godzilla: Heritage – a fan film from New York based filmmakers Timothy Schiefer and Greg Graves. As you’ll see from the images below, it looks absolutely wonderful – and impressive for a crowdfunded fan-tailored labor of love made for under $20,000 dollars.The images, released via the awesome G-fan Facebook group THE GODZILLA GROUP, are from an upcoming 20-minute preview of the film set to be released in the near future.For more updates, follow the project over at their Facebook page.

Source: Stills Released for Godzilla: Heritage, and They Look Monstrously Impressive