If you’ve never played a Telltale Games video game before, you should give it a shot. While they’re technically video games, they’re not really much for gameplay. They’re more like interactive stories where you can choose your character’s responses to dictate the outcome of the narrative within certain parameters. So, for instance, if Bob says you need to lighten up, you’re usually given three responses or you can just respond with silence. The game will then tell you, “Bob will remember that.” Sometimes this storytelling works out great like in the first The Walking Dead game and other times it feels like a pale imitation of the property its selling like Game of Thrones.

Hopefully, Telltale will find luck with their latest property, Guardians of the Galaxy. This isn’t the first time Telltale has taken a comic book and turned it into a game. They previously adapted Fables into The Wolf Among Us and they’re currently on the fourth of five chapters in their Batman game.

via Guardians of the Galaxy Video Game Trailer Revealed | Collider