The new Zord posters are coded to individual Rangers, each posing atop their signature machine. It’s way similar to Pacific Rim, but you have to see RJ Cyler as the Blue Ranger. Everyone else is trying to look cool, but the Blue Ranger is just straight-up chilling.

In case you’re trying to remember the individual Zords, because it’s been like twenty years, here’s a refresher: Zack the Black Ranger controls the Mastodon Zord; Kimberly the Pink Ranger pilots the Pterodactyl Zord; Billy the Blue Ranger has the Triceratops; Trini the Yellow Ranger drives the Sabre-Tooth Tiger; and Jason the Red Ranger controls the king of the dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus. Easy!

via ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Posters Reveal Zords | Inverse